Saturday the 3rd 2016

Voting as a Responsible Citizen

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  Freedom is a word often used to describe the basic rights we have as Americans. But freedom is anything but free. Freedom comes at very high cost. The price of freedom is years of suffering for change. Our ancestors and neighbors have died to protect your freedom.


  As a citizen in this land your responsibility is to protect those freedoms won by others. You must be ever vigilant in your duties guarding against those who would diminish even one freedom is vital. We cannot expect that the “other fellow” will see to our interests. Make your voice heard by speaking out on what you believe.


  An essential freedom won through years of effort is your right to vote. At the same time it is both a freedom and a responsibility. Voting selects those who would represent you in the governing and legislative bodies of open government. Your voice in government can be heard by casting a ballot. By attending to your electoral duties, you participate in the selection of a representative. Your representative can then speak for you on the important issues facing our country, our state, our county and our city and schools.


  It is true your candidate may not win in any given election. Participation in the process of elections is an ongoing life task. It is when people miss elections that representatives of the special interest groups are placed in office. These individuals may not have your best interests at heart. They believe they were elected to further the goals of a small minority of the population rather than seek what is best for the multitude.


  An important thought to remember is low turnout permits a select few decide the outcome. A 20% election turnout means only one in five people chose the winning candidate. Only when ALL of the people participate in the electoral process can true government by the people be realized.