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Quail Creek Municipal Utility District - May 10, 2008

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Two positions are open on the board of directors and four candidates have filed for these positions. The terms

Bobby Shafer
Richard Reyes
Charles T. Miller
Dustin Ferguson

The district will also be conducting an election on the following proposition


"The proposItion is for increasing the miscellaneous charge $5.00 more per month per customer. The miscellaneous charge is to support the street lighting, homeowners' association and volunteer fire department. Monies to be divided as follows per month per customer: street lighting at $3.50; homeowners' association at $5.00; and volunteer fire department at $1.50. The miscellaneous fee can be raised no more than 50 cents every two years at the discretion of each entity named above. The increase is to be divided as follows; Quail Creek Municipal Utility District increase limited to 20 cents every two years, Quail Creek Homeowners' Association increase limited to 20 cents every two years and the Quail Creek Volunteer Fire Department increase limited to 10 cents every two years."


"Proposicion para aumentar el cargo miscelaneo de $5.00 mas por mes por cliente. El cargo miscelaneo is para soportar la iluminacion de calles, la asociacion de propeitarios y cuerpo de bomberos voluntarios. Dineros seran divididos por mes por cliente como lo siguente: iluminacion de calles $3.50; asociacion de propietarios $5.00; y cuerpo de bomberos voluntarios $1.50. El cargo miscelaneo no se puede aumentar mas que 50 centavos cada dos anos a la discrecion de las entidades nombradas anteriormente. El aumento sera dividido como sigue: el aumento a Distrito Muncipal de Utilidad de Quail Creek sera limitado a 20 centavos cada dos anos, la Asociacion de Propietarios de Quail Creek sera limitado a 20 centavos cada dos anos, y el Cuerop de Bomberos Voluntarios de Quail Creek sera limitado a 10 centavos cada dos anos."