Clerk Duties Page
Occupational Driver's License

The Office of County Clerk has existed in the State of Texas since 1836, superseding the escribano (scrivener,clerk,notary) of Spanish-Mexican rule. Section 20, Article 5 of the Texas Constitution provides:
Sec. 20. There shall be elected for each county, by qualified voters, a County Clerk, who shall hold office for four years, who shall be clerk of the County and Commissioners Courts and recorder of the county, whose duties, prerequisites and fees of office shall be prescribed by the Legislature, and a vacancy in whose office shall be filled by Commissioners Court,until the next general election ...
The County Clerk must be a seasoned administrator with expertise in the areas of strategic planning, caseflow management, information systems management, records management, human resource management, program evaluation, financial management and public relations.

  • Clerk of County Courts
  • Clerk of Commissioners Court
  • Clerk of Juvenile Court
  • County Recorder
  • Records Manager
  • Recording and filing Instruments
  • Assumed Name Certificates
  • Cattle Brands
  • Military Discharges
  • Beer and Wine License
  • Foreclosure Notices
  • Criminal Misdemeanor Cases
  • Civil Cases $500.00 - $200,000
  • Probate
  • Fee Officer
  • Birth & Death Certificates (Effective Nov. 2011 County Clerk's Office will no longer support this service. Please refer to The City of Victoria.)