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Local Marker Program
Historical Marker Application
State Statute & By-Laws




Victoria County has been acknowledged by the Texas Historical Commission as being one of the leading counties in Texas with our large number of historical markers. The 2013 project of the Victoria County Historical Commission (VCHC) is to refurbish our 100 plus markers.




The Victoria County Historical Commission (VCHC) is concerned with the history of Victoria County and with the preservation of its historic structures. Documenting our history is the first step toward accomplishing this goal. Historical markers are a way of informing the public of the history of a community, and as such, are a very useful tool.


With restrictions on historical markers becoming more and more apparent at the state level, it is felt that a local marker program is beneficial. It is the intent of the VCHC that local markers be more “inclusive” rather than “exclusive.”


Any individual or group may apply to the VCHC to request a historical marker for what it deems to be a worthy structure. Only complete marker packets that contain all the required elements can be accepted or processed by the VCHC Marker Committee. The required elements are: application form, narrative history; documentation; historic photograph and current photographs clearly showing each side of the structure.


The VCHC Marker Committee will assist applicants with the completion of applications. It is the task of the applicant to do the research necessary to document the eligibility of the historic structure.


Completed application packets must be duly reviewed, verified and approved by the VCHC Marker Committee.


NOTE: These guidelines and application form may be changed or amended by VCHC at any time without prior notification to the public.




To be considered for a VCHC marker, a structure must be at least seventy-five (75) years old, and not have undergone major structural or decorative changes. Historic structures are eligible on the basis of their architectural importance. Additionally, the original builder or owner should have historical significance in the influence, effect or impact on the course of history or cultural development to either the county or state.

VCHC markers are only given for structures (houses or buildings) which meet the qualifications established by VCHC. Because of space limitations on the official VCHC Historical Marker, there will be no SUBJECT markers, which rely on lengthy narratives to convey the history or significance of a subject (person or event).

The VCHC Marker Committee will consider each application and make the determination of whether or not a structure is eligible for a marker.


It is a prime concern that the architectural integrity of a structure be substantially intact. The fact that a structure has been moved from its original location does not automatically disqualify it from receiving a marker.

Some modifications are acceptable. For example: The application of vinyl or aluminum siding may not preclude a structure from obtaining a VCHC marker. If the application of siding is done in a sensitive manner - retaining original architectural details, etc., this may not be a deterrent to receiving a marker. When (exterior) decorative trim around doors, windows, and rooflines have been removed to facilitate the installation of siding, this may result in disqualification, as the original appearance of the structure has been altered to a significant degree. Modifications to the exterior of a structure shall not affect more than twenty-five per cent (25%) of the exterior of that structure. Modifications made to the rear of a structure are not as critical as those made to the front and sides. The appearance of the structure, as viewed from the street, is the main consideration.


More than likely, a number of modifications will have been made to any historic structure over the course of its life. Hopefully, these will have been minor. Any one change may not be enough to disqualify a structure from receiving a marker; however, the Marker Committee will be viewing the structure as a whole when making this determination. MARKER INSCRIPTIONS The names appearing on the marker will be that of the original owner/builder of the structure, and his/her spouse. The date of construction will be included when it is possible to ascertain this.


Each applicant will be responsible for the documentation, narrative, and photos of the structure. Copies of historic photos of the original structure are desirable, and current photos are required, showing all four sides of the structure.

Completed applications, including photographs, become the property of VCHC, and will be placed on file in the VCHC office. Once the Marker Committee approves an application it will be presented to the VCHC for approval. If approved by a majority vote of the commission, the applicant will be notified that the entire fee must be paid before the marker will be ordered.

The current fee for a VCHC Historical Marker is approximately $400 plus shipping and handling. Estimate will be provided by the foundry at the time the order is submitted.

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